Monday, May 18, 2009

College graduations May 9th , 2009

I covered college graduations for The Carolinian , two in one day plus a soccer game, and was difficult but managed. Shaw and St. Augustine's College had their events in two locations not too far from each other. Met Corey Lowenstein from the News & Observer at St. Aug ( thanks to her for getting us in and creating 'media parking!).
In the above photo, a St. Aug student waves to family during the marching-in of students
Ms Shaw University April Cannon appluads back to family members & friends at Shaw's Graduation in Downtown Raleigh
St Aug. Students march into the Quad at the start of their graduation exercises.
Shaw Divinity School grad Floyd Green
Two St. Aug students cheese for the camera in a self-portrait before the start of the St. Aug graduation

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