Monday, February 23, 2009

Shaw Basketball vs UDC

On Feb. 19th, I covered the Shaw-UDC games in Spaulding gym for The Carolinian which ends the regular season games for any of the CIAA/NCAA Div-II teams. The CIAA kicks off this week and concludes on Saturday with the mens' and womens' finals.
Shaw Men won 101-57 but the ladies lost a tough one 75-71.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Picture for City of Raleigh

I took a shot at entering in some images to represent life in Raleigh. While none of my entries made it, one of them made it for photo of the day:

I shot this in 2003 with my old Canon D30 (not 30D) 3.1MP camera. Was getting a haircut in Nicholson's Barber Shop in August and saw the barber and the child's dad struggling with him in the chair. I left the shop, grabbed my camera from the Jeep and shot several frames. I learned later that was his second haircut ever!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

HK on J 2008

I went to cover the HK on J for The Carolinian on Valentine's Day. The day is close to the 100th anniversary to the founding of the NAACP in Illinois in 1909. the march is by the NAACP to present 14 points to the NC Legislature for ideal they feel are important to NC.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sports from 1-31

Very late posting of images but these couple are from an indoor track meet at UNC-Chapel Hill on January 24th. Shot with a Canon 1DMk2. Works OK, great with ASA 1600 & 3200 but horrid on tracking. I have a pair of EOS 1D Mk1 bodies and they track faster! Go figure.

Sports 2-12-09

Here are images from St. Augustine's College vs . Elizabeth City State University. Unlike Shaw, the building is brighter but does not have the warm glow coming from the floor. Light has to be set properly to get the best look to appear natural. Some shooters in these gyms feel just flooding the arena with light gets it done. Setting it to darken the background but illuminiating the subjects has an interesting look.

Sports 2-5-09

I'm still new at trying to keep up with this blog but making an effort at it. I sometimes shoot D2 basketball here in Raleigh and lighting the gyms is a challenge. It may look bright to the human eye but a camera sees it differently. The major newspaper in my area seems to have issues in shooting there but its not that bad!

I have included some images from Shaw vs Bowie State.
Also check this link to Bowie State

Look at the top two images and see what properly set lighting can do. Look at the lower image without lighting and it does not have that "pop" to make it stand out (my opinion). Unless one is in a major arean with excellent lighting, shooting without extra lighting is a mistake.