Friday, July 30, 2010

AZ immigration protest in Downtown Raleigh

After work and very late in the afternoon, I went downtown to check out an anti-AZ-SB1070 protest march in Downtown Raleigh. About 150-200 people marched from Nash Square to the Wake Co Jail, then to the nearby courthouse, and finally to the Old State Capitol for some speeches and final rallying to voice protest to the AZ law.

(Guy in Black) Rev. Curtis Gatewood; 2nd Vice President NC State Conference of the NAACP

Monday, July 19, 2010

NC Pro-AM basketball 7-15-10

Have not blogged in a while due to not much going on but finally back! Wedding images are coming soon!

I went to Durham on July 15th to photograph a couple of the NC pro-Am games held at NC Central's gym. Went in the previous week, july 8th, to learn about it and to attempt to learn and possibly light the gym for photos. Came back on the 15th with my assistant and here are the results: